Aim for the world's standard
as a pioneer of advanced welfare state.

  • 介護・福祉サービス事業

    Elderly care service

    Under the family-friendly environment with a small number of people, each of the elderly people could feel "their own lifestyle" (dignity) regained self-reliance and self-confidence, demonstrated the fullest power to live, peace of mind and pleasure "familiar living" We aim to realize a long-term life.

  • 教育研修事業

    Education Business

    The Japanese Welfare Academy managed by our company cultivates the caregivers who support the future welfare with high expertise and client’s viewpoints., Also, we broaden the potential of each individual and convey the wonderfulness of nursing care.

  • ⼈材サービス事業

    Introducing Human Resource

    Along with the shortage of chronic human resources in the nursing care and welfare industry, securing talented personnel has become a major issue at all times. We will dispatch personnel who cleared thorough practical skills and human skill checks according to the on-site needs.
    Please feel free to contact us.

  • 海外事業

    Overseas Business

    We are actively engaged in overseas business on the theme of "Let’s world KAIGO".
    We are establishing a corporation in Myanmar and promoting the acceptance of foreign student interns to Japan.
    We also plan to construct nursing care facilities in Honolulu, Hawaii.

  • ものづくり事業

    Software Development

    We utilize the latest technology to the nursing care sector and we are also developing nursing care tablets. It is a revolutionary system that enables overseas interns to do nursing care by alleviating those working at nursing care workplaces and supporting other languages.

  • 子育て支援事業

    Childcare Business

    The Yell Piece nursery operated by our group has been established to support the smooth return to work after childcare leave and the balance between childcare and work and to create an environment where female employees can continue to work. We are committed to creating an environment where children can spend their time happily and spontaneously.


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