Aim for the world's standard as a pioneer
of advanced welfare state.

Overseas Business

Aim for the world's standard as a pioneer
of advanced welfare state.

KAIGO to the world

we aim to globalize the world with KAIGO.

We are currently working on overseas project “KAIGO to the world”. In June 2015, we’ve established a corporation in Myanmar and are currently promoting acceptance of foreign students to Japan. We also plan to construct nursing care facilities in Honolulu, Hawaii.

・ Main achievements

Establishment of a joint venture company in Myanmar

Our senior care companies in Japan (Sakura Community Service, Egao Ichiban, Third Stage) along with local subsidiary of Myanmar (Myanmar Paul Star, Travel & Tours) established “Polestar Kaigo Service” joint venture company in June, 2015.

In Myanmar, under inauguration of new government in 2011, the life of people has changed. If the economy develops, we predict elderly home care will become more needed.

In addition, if revised “Foreign Technical Skill Training Program" is approved, Japan will start accepting foreign students to senior care training as of next year. We are planning to use this program to hire Myanmar people who acquired senior care skills in Japan for work in the joint venture company in Myanmar.

The joint venture company is also cooperating with Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) to support overseas deployment of SMEs sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry of Japan.

KAIGO Conference in Hawaii

The 1st KAIGO conference in Hawaii was held in Hawaii from Friday November 18 2016 (Friday). ※ Because there is a time difference of 19 hours, it was actually 10:00 on Saturday, November 19, 2016 in Japan time.

We were pleased to have more than 60 people in total participated in the conference. There was also an interview by the local media in Hawaii, and it is said that right now the problem of aging is also drawing attention overseas.

We discussed on the theme of "Health and Regional Coexistence" and everyone participated interestedly. This time, we have started a specific activity towards solving the problem of aging population by discussing between Hawaii and Japan.

location: Pagoda Hotel International Ballroom 1525 Rycroft Street, Honolulu, HI 96814 Organized by: NPO Japan KAIGO Support Center